The Cannabis-Growing Nuns Fighting to Legalize Weed

A group of nuns are fighting to keep to keep weed legal in California. The Sisters of the Valley are based in California’s Central valley, and manufacture weed-based products they sell on their Etsy store. It’s worth pointing out that their products won’t get you high – they’re more like an alternative medicine.

The Sisters have got their habits in a twist because the city of Merced, where they live, last week passed a law banning medicinal weed. Although weed is legal in California, the Governor has given all cities in the state the opportunity to set their own cannabis legislation – and Merced has voted to ban the drug.

The nuns have started a petition to overturn the ban on medicinal weed. They say that “cannabis is agriculture, and the central valley of California should not turn its back on Mother Nature’s most effective medicinal plant”.

As it is, if the Sisters continue to manufacture their weed-based medicines they’ll be breaking the law. In an interview with the Guardian, Sister Kate said ‘we’re not accepting their ban. It’s against the will of the people, and that makes it unnatural and immoral”.

Despite the habits, the Sisters aren’t actually associated with any of the established religions. They describe themselves as a spiritual order, and believe that the cannabis plant has special healing and spiritual qualities.

Given that one of the Sisters is reported to have written a book of sex tips for men prior to her weed-growing-activism, and that the most recent picture on their Instagram is of them posing with a fellow conference goer in black pants and fishnets at HempCon, it’s fair to say they aren’t your typical religious types.

If you want to help the nuns stick two fingers up at Merced’s cannabis laws, check out the Sisters’ Etsy store here

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