It’s David Bowie’s Birthday! Here Are 25 of Our Favorite Bowie Quotes!

On this day (Jan. 8th) in 1947 David Bowie arrived to planet Earth. A muse, musician, and magician – this incredible creator is one of our biggest influences.

To celebrate his arrival to the Earth plane, we’ve curated 25 of our favorite Bowie quotes/lyrics for you to enjoy!

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25 of Our Favorite David Bowie Quotes/Lyrics:


  1. “The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.”
  2. “I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.”
  3. “I’m in awe of the universe, but I don’t necessarily believe there’s an intelligence or agent behind it. I do have a passion for the visual in religious rituals, though, even though they may be completely empty and bereft of substance. The incense is powerful and provocative, whether Buddhist or Catholic.”
  4. “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
  5. “I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir.”
  6. “That’s the shock: All cliches are true. The years really do speed by. Life really is as short as they tell you it is. And there really is a God – so do I buy that one? If all the other cliches are true… Hell, don’t pose me that one.”
  7. “I’m not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I’m living on.”
  8. “As you get older, the questions come down to about two or three. How long? And what do I do with the time I’ve got left?”
  9. “Confront a corpse at least once. The absolute absence of life is the most disturbing and challenging confrontation you will ever have.”
  10. “I’m always amazed that people take what I say seriously. I don’t even take what I am seriously.”
  11. “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
  12. “Speak in extremes. It’ll save you time.”
  13. “Turn and face the strange.”
  14. “There’s a terror in knowing what the world’s all about.”
  15. “I’m just an individual who doesn’t feel that I need to have somebody qualify my work in any particular way. I’m working for me.”
  16. “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming”
  17. “Once you lose that sense of wonder at being alive, you’re pretty much on the way out…”
  18. “Everywhere I looked, demons of the future [were] on the battlegrounds of one’s emotional plane.”
  19. “Cause I’d rather stay here with all the madmen, than perish with the sadmen roaming free…and I’d rather play here, with all the madmen…for I’m quite content they’re all as sane as me.”
  20. “People are so fucking dumb. Nobody reads anymore, nobody goes out and looks and explores the society and culture they were brought up in. People have attention spans of five seconds and as much depth as a glass of water.”
  21. “Gentleness clears the soul. Love cleans the mind, and makes it free.”
  22. “News guy wept when he told us Earth was really dying / Cried so much that his face was wet / Then I knew he was not lying.”
  23. It’s always time to question what has become standard and established.”
  24. “The sun machine is coming down, and we’re gonna have a party.”
  25. “Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who’ve been there”

Download Bowie’s latest album, Blackstar, on iTunes by clicking here.


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