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There Are Over 10 Species of Human That Are Currently Extinct

This article was originally posted on Educate Inspire Change by Kasim Khan:

Modern humans or Homo sapiens are now the only living species in their genus, but several other species of ancient humans have existed through history. Our friends at Hybrid Librarian have put together this informative video which lists 10 of the most mysterious extinct human species. This is so interesting!

That video literally blew my mind. To think there were people roaming the earth over 600,000 years ago! It’s hard for us to actually perceive that sort of time scale in our heads, you really have to sit and think about to appreciate just how far back some of these species go.

Boskop man at number 7 is one that really peaked my interest. Their heads are so big that it reminds me so much of how we would describe aliens .. .

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Kasim Khan, Team EiC

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