The 8 Most Important Keys to Create Using Visualization

You’ve heard all of the incredible ways creative visualization can bring what you want into your life, how it can create your reality and how powerful it can be to use along with other methods ala “Law of Attraction.”   Professional athletes like Tiger Woods use it and billionaires like ….. use it.  You know about all of the ways to make it work like getting clear on what you want, engaging your feelings, imagining images of your future and acting as if your desire has already happened.  But why hasn’t anything changed for you?

I’ve been using this incredibly powerful technique and accessing the resources inside myself to create my future for years now.  I’ve created homes, cash, healed addictions, illness and have found overall fulfillment in life beyond what I ever thought was imaginable.  Wanting to explore the power of the unconscious mind further, I even became certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist so I can teach others just how powerful we all are to fulfill our desires from within.

Through all of my exploration, I’ve figured out the best methods and most important keys to making this work that most people have never heard of.  So let’s get down to it! If you’ve ever wanted to try this incredibly powerful method of creating the life you desire to live, here are my top tips for successful creative visualization work.

The 8 Most Important Keys to Create Using Visualization

1 – Do it in the morning as soon as you wake up
About 30 minutes after waking, our brain waves are still in a theta state which makes your unconscious mind the most suggestible to take in and hold new information you are giving it.  Any other time, it will be more difficult to settle down that monkey mind and relax enough for optimal effectiveness.

2 – Get yourself in a relaxed, hypnotic state
It’s not enough to just sit down and start off visioning your future.  You must guide yourself through total relaxation which keeps those brain waves in the most hypnotic, desired state to receive information.

3 – Bring in all of your senses
While it’s most important to engage the way you will feel when you have that thing that you want, it’s equally important to see, hear, smell, taste and physically feel the things around you in that state.  Really imagine the details in the colors, sounds and everything else that encompasses the experience of the future you want.

4 – Get clear on how you will know when you have what you desire
When I was in a very stressful living situation, I started imagining exacting what a peaceful space would be like for me.  The one thing I saw in my visions every time I sat down to create was waking up in the morning and having my coffee on a balcony overlooking the ocean.  Just a short time later, I found myself in the home I was imaging, taking that first sip of coffee on the balcony every morning exactly how I pictured it!

What is that one thing you know for sure you will be experiencing that indicates you’ve got what you want?  So what will you see?  What will you be doing?  Make sure to access this element and repeat it each time you sit down to visualize.

5 – Visualize every day
This work takes commitment.  You can’t just do this a few times and expect magic to happen.  While yes, that is certainly possible, more likely we need to build up that energy inside of us and get our unconscious mind completely familiar with what we want in order for it to create it for us.

6 – Experience your loved ones and others in your visions
How is what you want going to affect and help others in your life?  How is this thing going to make you a better person and be able to get others what they need?  I experience this towards the end of my visualizations and it always ignites so much more positive emotion and motivation for me to create this dream.  Except now it’s not just for myself, it creates fulfillment for so many more!

7 – Hold gratitude and acceptance for all that you already have
You already have access to things in your life that can give you what you believe your future will give you.  This takes exploration of your feelings and emotions.  So if what you want will give you feelings of peace, where can you find that peace in your life now?  If you want abundance, how is abundance showing up in your life now?  Expand your awareness to the opportunity you have right now and reflect on or go out and do things that bring you these feelings now.

8 – Give freely to others without expectation
Countless times, reaching out and helping someone else has enabled me to receive that must faster.  Give what you can in any way possible.  Even a smile or hello to someone you are simply passing by on the street.  You really never know just how impactful you can be to create a positive experience for someone else.  And the bonus is that it always feels good to give!

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