Reflections on 2015 + Setting Intentions for 2016

All cycles come to a close, and as we finish the chapter of 2015, we continue our journey into 2016, left with the reflections of the past that allows us to shine into the future. We have an opportunity to recalibrate ourselves with the seasons. While using the sky as a map to better understand the collective consciousness, and the awakening of our psyche, which is uniting our soul with our human spirit.

For me, personally, 2015 has been an incredible ride. It began with a bit of confusion, as I evolved from who I was, into who I truly am. The unlocking of my akashic record, allowed me to remember the distant past of many lives, and activated an understanding of my purpose in the present. It also made me aware of the future we are writing in our daily actions. I shed my skin and had to rebuild the foundation of my character, in order to reunite with my soul. It was my moment to create a meta-perspective of understanding, and ‘seeing’. It opened me up to the patterns of how everything works from a micro to macrocosm.

This year was a great test in faith and feeling. I was constantly being met with adversity, loss, and darkness. It was the call of the warrior to rise to these occasions and alchemically transform the darkness into light. I had to find understanding, and love in all things in order to open myself up to the poetic nature of our lives. The journey is personal and introspective, but the lessons are universal. My heart is the compass, and I had to use love to light up each moment to regain my focus. Gratitude became an integral part of my daily meditation. When you fill your heart up with everything you love, nothing can take it from you. Your heart is the vault which no thief can access. We tend to get heartbroken at times, because we are careless with whom we give the key.

We all go through this. We can never judge, because we all have our own journey, which is the greatest testament to our lives on Earth. Change is always possible, if we are willing to take the steps in identifying what is really happening. We are in a constant state of motion, and can break the old cycles and habits to bring us closer to being perfect in our humanity. This is our birth right, and the greatest secret to our purpose in life. We must learn to control our emotions, so they do not control us. We must master our mind, and free ourselves from the prison of our thoughts.

We poison our minds daily with fear, insecurity, and indulgences that leave us empty…yet we are confused as to why we are stuck. We must learn to stay light, and let go of anything heavy. Embrace our suffering, through understanding and take the lessons with us to make us stronger individuals. These are the things I had to face daily, in order to make sense of the nonsense, and understand the path that I’ve chosen. The awakening of my true self has opened me up to a greater mission in my life. Each day is a opportunity to be a better person than before. That isn’t suppose to come from a selfish or egotistical place, but from your humanity.

I’ve spent a year observing everything I possibly could, and found ways to love all people and all life on this planet. I’ve noticed a lot of people who’ve gotten into things like Yoga, veganism or the psychedelic experience…and afterwards, they’re not more connected to people and nature, but almost elevate themselves above others, and find justifications in their judgment of those who are on a different journey…and I hate to tell you, but that is not how this is suppose to work. The ego is dangerous because of this type of thinking….awakening should bring us closer to love, understanding, and appreciation. It should remind us of the sacred nature of this life in all of what we create. Revealing the mysteries to you, in hopes that it makes you empathetic to those who are still asleep.

Forgive others, and forgive yourself. Break yourself from these cycles that keep you stuck in the material world, and unite with others through the subtle vibrations of our soul, and the rhythm of our hearts.

Wishing you all year filled with love, abundance and light…

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