The Incredible Benefits of Adding Rose Water to Your Beauty Routine

Rose water provides a wide range of benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Below we’ve listed different areas of applications for rose water and how adding this to your beauty routine can benefit you.

From MedIndia.net:

Teeth: Rose water can provide relief from inflammation and gum problems. It can also strengthen teeth and provide relief against gum pains. If you are suffering with bad odor and foul breath, rose water can help you get rid of it. Use rose water as mouth wash every time you feel you have an odor problem to effectively eliminate it and get a fresh breath.

Hair: When used on the scalp, rose water promotes hair growth/strength and improves blood circulation. It also controls dandruff, and inflammation. It is best used as a conditioner, after shampooing.

Eyes: Rose water can be extremely effective in soothing tired and fatigued eyes. When dabbed underneath the eyes, it is said to bring back a sparkle to your complexion – making you look happy and healthy. This treatment is ideal for those who may not get enough sleep, or work in front of a computer.

For Curing Stress: The fragrance of the roses is a very effective de-stressor and helps to release stress instantly. Rose water and rose oils are used in spas and aroma therapy as they help to fight stress and lift the mood. Rose water and oils are used in soaps, shower gels and aromatic incense sticks to cure people with hypertension and stress. The amazing aroma of roses helps them to keep depression away.

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