How to Grow Your Own Food Using Aquaponics

There is a quote I once heard that states “growing your own food is like printing your own money.”, but growing your food may seem like a daunting task to the uninformed.


However, there is a process called Aquaponics which makes this task easy for even the layman (such as myself), and is something worth exploring.

Endless Food Systems describes the process by saying:

Endless Food Systems uses a unique process called Aquaponics.  It is the combination of Aquaculture (raising fish) with Hydroponics (growing plants without soil).  The fish produce waste which is then pumped up into the grow bed where the plants are.  The plants use up the fish waste as it is a perfect food for them and the water is returned to the fish tank now purified.


While Aquaponics is actually very complex with many facets, hopefully this will give you a foundational understanding.  The water from the fish tank is pumped into a grow bed that contains gravel or hydroton (clay pebbles).  The grow bed acts as a Bio-Filter that converts the Ammonia fish waste into a Nitrate food that the plants can use.  The low current draw water pump runs 24 hours a day and when the grow bed is filled up, a specially designed Auto Siphon triggers the bed to quickly drain.  In this way, the bed fills about every 45 minutes and as the water drains it pulls oxygen into the bed & roots of the plants.  Earth worms are also a vital part of the grow bed, they breakdown & transform large waste particles into the most fantastic plant food imaginable!

An Aquaponics system essentially creates a self-sustaining cohesive environment to grow your own food supply. Endless Food Systems is offering a FREE webinar on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 5:30 PM MST (Phoenix AZ Time) where you can learn even more about this system.

As GMOs continue to penetrate our food supply, and endless amounts of detrimental chemicals, and pesticides permeate the fruits and vegetables we buy at our grocery stores, now is as important time as any to educate yourselves on other options for finding ways to find the “light” and thrive outside of the “darkness”. Cheers to Endless Food Systems for providing these kinds of options to help us thrive.

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