How Music is the Ultimate Magic

“Music is the strongest form of magic.” – Marilyn Manson

Everything in life is a sound vibration, and every aspect of life can be moved by frequency, even on a cellular level. When you can control sound, and manipulate frequency you are, in a sense, playing God.

Sound manipulates shape, shape forms matter, and matter is the illusion that is our current reality. Reality is sound and vibration, and when you alter sound, you alter your environment and reality.

Just think about it. What else in life besides sound/music can move a person to dance, sing, laugh, cry, feel love, scream, jump, feel anger, pain, or re-live an exact moment in time? When you dial into a certain sound frequency through a song, you essentially dial up an emotion which moves you, and you act accordingly. Sound/music is essentially God’s way of orchestrating a reaction, and when you are the music maker, you are essentially playing God.

When you realize you are in control of the “stations” you dial into, and how you let the “outside noise” effect you, you can then take command of how you wish to feel, and you will begin to understand the concept of creating your own reality.

You choose what you wish to move you, and you choose how you wish to move others. God, regardless of religion, is the ultimate word for “creator” and you have the same power within you to create whatever reality you wish.

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