Billy Meier and the Prophecies From Outer Space

The video below contains the Reality Entertainment documentary about Billy Meier, a fascinating Swiss man who began having contact with beings from the Pleiades, the Plejaran, from the time he was 5-years-old.

Debate rages on whether Meier’s stories are a hoax, or if he is in fact a modern day prophet relaying warning messages from beings with higher evolved consciousness who are trying to help us from total self destruction.

What makes Meier’s story so interesting is that along with a plethora of photographic evidence (from not just him, but others as well), he has also made extremely accurate predictions that have come to fruition. Including this 1958 prediction about the Iraq War:

6.) Sectarianism will bear bad fruit and will cost many lives through murder and suicide as, also through politics and power lust, in diverse countries, hundreds of thousands of people will be murdered as in the Soviet Union which will be dissolved no later than 1991, and in East Germany which will, however, only exist until the late 80’s of this century, thereafter Germany will be reunified, whereby, in contrast, in Iraq a war will be led through the United States of America, through their country’s president, however this will be without success, for which reason one of his sons, who will likewise be the U.S.A’s head of power, will, in the third millennium, unleash a second war in Iraq which will ultimately lead to an unbelievable disaster and to torturing as well as to mass murder through U.S. armed forces and the rebellious.

Meier also predicted the coming of AIDS, cell phones, credit cards, moon launches, global terrorism, European Union, bio-chipping, global warming, internet, two planets beyond Pluto, and the crystal meth epidemic…ALL in 1958.

Meier’s life story is nothing short of remarkable, and the documentary does a great job of painting a captivating portrait of him and his experiences from the standpoint of logic, and proper analysis as opposed to merely just forcing you to have a certain opinion. The evidence is presented for you to take as you will, but you can’t help but wonder why, if this were a hoax, Meier would feel compelled to make this all up, and choose such a life’s journey. How could a one-armed farmer create this type of footage years ago with absolutely no access to the special effects technology needed if it were a hoax? How could he produce such astonishing sound recordings and obtain such complex metal samples?

I find it so fascinating that through years of disinformation and societal conditioning that many would just dismiss this as a myth, when all signs point to Meier’s experiences as being completely valid. If this were a myth, and all contact stories are merely just “delusions”, why do so many stories surrounding contact, extraterrestrials, and UFOs all have the consistent of being in alignment with spirituality, consciousness, and the evolution of humanity? More often than not, it seems that all signs lead to “yes” that extraterrestrials do exist, and they are monitoring our evolution as a species and are trying to show us that the path to peace starts with the expansion of consciousness and spirituality.

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