The Riddle of the Pyramids

The pyramids at Giza are one of our world’s most fascinating enigmas. To this day, scientists, archaeologists, astronomers and tourists alike are still baffled by the perfection of this ancient construction. The magnitude and magic of these mysterious structures, are a riddle in themselves, yet perhaps this is part of the intelligent design…to be a living riddle to serve as a poetic allegory of the mystery of life as well.

The Egyptian mystery schools of days past taught many esoteric lessons, that served as different levels of initiation, with an end result being a level of consciousness that dissolved all fear of both life and death. Knowledge comes through experience, experience provides knowledge, but in order to truly understand life, you must be faced with contrast to allow your soul to evolve. To know light, you must know the darkness, to know the darkness, you come to appreciate the light.

The precision of the pyramids to be in alignment with the stars, may possibly be to facilitate an understanding of this concept through the riddle of their existence, as well as ours. To know that even in the light, the darkness exists, but is only there to cradle the stars. To understand that in order to ascend, you must start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Then, once you reach the top, you come to see the bigger picture of the beautiful horizon ahead, with an understanding and appreciation of the steps you had to take to reach this new height of consciousness. Perhaps, there is no capstone, because you are the capstone – the “point” is that there is no point other than the journey, and the journey must occur in order to fully enjoy the view from the top.

All of life is poetry in motion, and when we come to understand that life is a riddle, and that the answer is never completely apparent…the joke of the riddle is that there is never a punch line, only pondering.

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