The Present is a Gift, That’s Why it’s Called ‘The Present’

It’s Feb 12th, and thankfully Mercury is no longer in retrograde. Now you have the time to realign your thoughts, and get back to your present presence. During retrograde, Mercury appears to be falling behind you and with that, it seems our past becomes our focal point. It’s easier to reflect, because during this time our minds tend to be focused on everything behind us.

Mercury is usually above us in the night sky and this naturally allows our thoughts to be projected toward the future. It seems that we act in the present, but our minds are constantly fixed on our future. This observation leads us to believe that Mercury acts as a compass that guides our thoughts. We are normally fixed in the present while being forward thinking, in a sense.

With that being said, it seems that this time period can dictate our emotions, and affect our presence, which keeps us in balance (or sets us off balance). Think of two notes being in harmony, if one is slightly out of phase, it creates discord. When we aren’t aware of the direction of our minds, and forget to keep in balance with our soul, we tend to make bad decisions that lead us into further discord. The past is behind you, and tends to restrain your progress moving forward…it makes a depression in time. The present is a gift, hence why it is called “the present”, and while the future can always seem exciting…it can also be dangerous to think too far ahead.

You see, man plans, God laughs…and in that, the future doesn’t really exist…The only thing that exists is now. Your choice in the present affects your future, and if you aren’t in balance with your present self, you may not be able to attain that goal you’ve set.

There is no certainty, so you must only be certain of yourself and your decisions. When you aren’t present, this leads to anxiety, and we tend to feel this most when thinking about the future. Anxiety is a tough emotion to control, and it’s very destructive to our current state.

So the question is, how does one let go of the past that is weighing us down, while being excited about the uncertain “wonder” of what the future will bring.  If there are any negative feelings happening while you are trying to focus yourself, it will only bring you further out of phase (just like Mercury), and further into discord (just like two musical notes off-key).

I know this may sound kind of heady, but I ask that you explore these concepts during your daily meditation. Become aware of these key elements, and allow yourself to be in full harmony with the spiritual and physical choreography of our life’s journey.

4 Simple Steps to Allow the Gift of the Present:

1. Let go of the past, and forgive it. Be grateful for the lesson’s learned.

2. Be excited for the future, and embrace patience because time is an illusion.

3. Be aware of what’s happening in the sky above you, because sometimes the planets may pull us out of frequency. If the frequency of the moon affects the tides on earth, and we are made up of 98% water, then why wouldn’t the moon/night sky affect our mind and body?

4. Tune into the invisible frequency of the “IS”. Some call it God, some call it Allah, we don’t care how you choose to identify with it, but tune in! If there are radio frequencies all around us, and we can’t see them, but our radios can receive them, then why wouldn’t God be a frequency, especially if everything is just sound and vibrating matter? You choose to tune it or tune out…do so by starting your day quietly with yourself. Express gratitude, love, and happiness. That will tune you into your day, and chase all of the negativity away, because you aren’t tuned into the bullsh*t!

So may the “4” be with you, and may the present be present in your presence. All we ever have is now, so allow the now to be a gift.

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