Everything That’s Wrong with Our Society in Just 8-Minutes

We’ve grown so disconnected from each other. This video shows how far gone and the obvious reasons why.

We are slaves of the society we’ve inherited by the generations that came before us. Only in the last 100 yrs, have we sped up “progress”. We follow the rules set by organizations funded by big business, yet forget the universal laws that are governed by our hearts.

This video is eye opening to those asleep, and jarring to those awake. The truth is that we are easily distracted by everything outside of ourselves. We want change, but not in the form of critical mass and protest. What you consume is your only true protest. The critical mass needed starts with a group of people who live differently and think differently. Reconnecting to the nature of our spirit and following the heart that guides us. Reconnect to your soul, know that it exists. Know that everything around you has a soul, and those with a heartbeat feel love.

Love yourself and embrace the change that comes with it. We spend our lives looking for happiness outside of ourselves. All we need to do is ask our heart and you’ll attract everything you need.

Look within, and you’ll never be without.


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