The Alchemy of Turning Rock into Stars

The Alchemy of Turning Rock into Stars by Billy O’Brien

Music has always been an integral part of our human experience, but the industry surrounding music has only been around for less than 100 yrs. We are currently witnessing the downfall of this industry, while artists are suffering to make a career for themselves. With the growth of technology, we are able to find music digitally, without having to buy it. With music becoming so easily accessible, no longer are consumers driven to purchase what is being put on the shelves. It has become less and less of an important facet of our identity. The Internet allows us to explore music from all over the globe, and discover whatever niche or genre happens to make your playlist. Human beings are no longer identifying themselves with a genre that dictates their language and attitude or their style in dress. Trends are flowing in the mainstream current quicker than ever before. These trends hold no root, and disappear quickly. These patterns have found their way into our habits as people, the general consumers of whatever these businesses are selling.

Nothing is sacred, and the art is suffering because of it. There was a gilded age of music that doesn’t hold itself to a decade, but actually half of a century. There will be a time when we all look back at the time of industry GIANTS that ran BUSINESSES, and the rock stars that were created. The real artists that became iconic ROCK STARS, which due to sex, drugs, or their own paranoia, became “car accidents” we follow through the media, and shadows of something that once was, or the icon that used to BE, and has become the antithesis of what made them who they are.  Hundreds of years from now, they will talk about a time when stars weren’t justcreated in space, but once created here on earth. There will be a myth about this time, when stars roamed the planet earth, and we learned that ANYONE can become a star! Some had talent and most others didn’t, and eventually EGO took over and destroyed their beauty and purpose. These stars collapsed onto themselves, while the public watched in horror! It was like watching a car accident in slow motion, and the public wanted more. Eventually, these stars collapsed onto themselves, turning into black holes, of stars that once was, destroying everything in its path, only to become a shadow of the beauty it once had.

So, for our website, we’d love to look at the last 50 years of music, and start sharing ALBUMS with you that are perfect from start to finish. We live in a “singles” market these days, where artists no longer think of a body of work as an album. They put their focus into #1 song, in hopes that that song carries their career. Radio would dictate this for the industry, and it is the only platform to drive a song far enough to gain the critical mass it needs to solidify a foundation for an artist to build a career. Its very similar to the way music was before The Beatles. Everyone wrote singles, and hoped they would get the chance to write another single. Albums became what they were in the 60s, when artists put their creative hearts and souls into creating an experience with multiple songs, and some of which had some hidden story behind those albums. In a time when we are watching the industry go back to way it was before ROCK STARS and TEEN IDOLS, we’d love to highlight some of the greatest albums of the past, and some of the newer artists that get it, and are putting out incredible work, yet likely to not get the attention it deserves because of the over saturation and distractions we find in most platforms to share music, ideas, etc.

The first record we will share with you today, is something you should all be familiar with. This album went on to shape an entire generation of music. It was written from a place without ego, it came strictly from the heart. The track, “God Only Knows” was written in only 45 minutes….The record label had them change the lyrics and title to “Hang On To Your Ego”, to “I Know There’s an Answer”, because of what they thought were drug references, and an obvious message that seemed to rattle them at the time. As I’m sure you’ve guessed it at this point, the record is “ Beach Boys: Pet Sounds “. If this album never happened, the Beatles would have been boring. We hope you enjoy this record, as we share with you in the coming weeks some records that likely found inspiration from this body of work.

The magick and myth behind these records will reveal how artists creating from their hearts, were able to create something that makes us feel. This record can make you feel something special if you are open to it. The more we explore, we more you will see beyond the surface and find the intentions behind the music.

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