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Spotify Playlist: Cosmic Trouble

Every so often we will curate music that speaks to our brand, or the guests we feature in our podcast. This week we are taking a break from the podcasts to focus on our latest project, “Sun Language“.

Sun Language has become a new way for us to learn and teach people how to communicate from their soul. This journey has allowed us to find new meaning in almost everything, while understanding the deeper nature of tone and intention. We’ve come a long way technologically, but these advancements have also deteriorated the ways we choose to communicate.

People find more comfort behind the screen, rather than looking each other in the eyes. Social media is a powerful tool to bring the collective together, yet we’ve used it to further divide ourselves. Judgment has become shallow, and the depth of our hearts are no longer weighed, because our material mindset has kept us on the surface. 

This playlist, in particular, features some of the songs we’ve been listening to while we work. There may be a hidden message, but its up to you to look beyond the surface to figure out what we are trying to communicate. We hope you enjoy the music, there is a dose of nostalgia, and current relevance based on events happening and new artists emerging.

If you would like to know why some songs were chosen, here’s an explanation of the reason and intention behind each of the choices…

  • “Cosmic Troubles” by Faith Healer: A great new artist that is making a name in vein of The Velvet Underground
  • “True Affection” by Father John Misty: We recently went to a thrift store in Brooklyn and met a girl whose husband designed his album art. He has been an LA staple for a while, and finally getting the attention he deserves.
  • “Pyramid Bricks” by Regal Degal: Last summer, a few friends from the city came down, and we all enjoyed a psychedelic experience on the beach in Asbury Park, NJ. Our new friend was Josh, and he was leaving the next day to go to a funeral somewhere tropical, we came up with a new band name that night ” Tropical Death Trip “. We never learned what band he was in, until a few months ago when we found the track “Pyramid Bricks” and the amazing video that went with it. We found out it was Josh, and we were excited to find that we were all riding the same vibe.
  • “Turtles All the Way Down” by Sturgill Simpson: A close friend shared this country act with me, and after reading the lyrics…I know exactly why. “There’s a gateway in our mind that leads somewhere out there beyond this plane…”
  • “Unknown Legend” by Neil Young: Jenn and I had this song on an old mix CD i had made her. This song was sang loudly on many trips.
  • “Young Turks” by Rod Stewart: Always loved the cheesy nature of this song, and the chorus was always a sing along. Since we found Sun Language was of Turkish decent, we figured it made sense to include it.
  • “Young Men Dead” by The Black Angels: I toured with these gentlemen in Australia, and found that Alex Maas might be the reincarnation of Jim Morrison. Granted, there is nothing to prove this, but I always quietly believed it.
  • “Straight Up and Down” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Great psych band that was known for their antics beyond their music. Anton Newcomb is a legendary weirdo who wrote some amazing psych songs in the 90s before it was cool again.
  • “Fixin’ to Die” by Spaceman 3: Before there was Spiritualized, there was Spaceman 3. Just like us, we went from space/alien weirdness, to finding the truth in our spiritual nature.
  • “Hurricane Heart Attack” by The Warlocks: They are called the Warlocks.
  • “Love In A Trashcan” by The Ravonettes: …because the Ravonettes.
  • “We Used to Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols: The commercial compliment to The Brian Jonestown Massacre (watch the movie: Dig!) and this song speaks to me on many levels, the title in itself… When you grow up and make changes in your life, you tend to lose a lot of people you thought were “friends”.
  • “Agenda Suicide” by The Faint: A great band well before their time. Lyrically, this song nails it…some of us choose to live in the system, and some of us outside of the system.
  • “Get Myself Into It” by The Rapture: Because sometimes, if you can’t beat em…join em and dance through it.
  • “Myth Takes” by !!!: Pronounced (chk,chk,chk), these guys are weird, and we love it. sometimes you need to let the myth take.
  • “Monkeys Gone To Heaven” by The Pixies: They are touring this summer, and this song is great on so many levels… We think we can go to heaven, but really Heaven is here…silly monkey.
  • “Just Like Heaven” by Dinosaur Jr: They are also touring this summer, and sometimes, this is just like heaven.
  • “Tropic of Cancer” by Panda Bear: …because the video is brilliant.
  • “Get Got” by Death Grips: The electronic wizards from Black Dice found an esoteric lyricist to write some of the most progressive music we’ve heard in a while. Prepare to raise your heart rate.
  • “Little Bit” by Lykki Li: …because you always need a little bit of Lykki Li in your playlist.
  • “Trouble” by TV On The Radio: TVOTR will be on the road with the Pixies this summer, and this new single is gorgeous.
  • “Psychic Trauma” by Cloud Nothings: Our good friend wrote an article about Psychic Vampires.
  • “Rather Be Dead” by Refused: This was the last song they played before they broke up, and sometimes I’d rather be dead than give in. They are also doing a reunion tour this summer opening for Faith No More, which has us exceedingly happy.
  • Easy” by Faith No More: A classic cover by a band who is reuniting this summer. When things get intense in the playlist, you can simply find the song to make for a smooth exit.

Now, if I told you there is another hidden message in the song choices, would you believe me?

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