What to Expect From Tonight’s Full Moon in Gemini

Tonight, November 25th, brings us a Full Moon in Gemini. This moon, called the “Mourning Moon“, is a time for reflecting on the lessons of the past, in order to release them so you may give birth to new dreams.

In a channeled “transmission” from our guide, this is the message we received for tonight’s energies:

“This moon is a moon to reflect on duality…the light and the dark. To love the dark, and mourn the times of darkness but then give the darkness love and let light overflow.

The made ideal of the Gemini is the twin spirit with dueling soul fragments. Light/dark, happy/sad, trickster/serious. These are opposite, but exist on the made same pole.

The Full Moon tonight is wonderful for letting the heavy lessons of life go, but also loving them as you give your well wishes…allowing them to part with sweetness, not sorrow.

This moon can be used for making yourselves stronger and morepowerful, but this is not necessarily for asking for anything material. Instead, it is a time to ask to be at peace with yourselves.

The time now can be used to make a call to the “demons” but not toask for anything, not to summon, but to let them know they too are loved because they are a part of creation as well.”

To read more interpretations of tonight’s moon, MysticMamma has a great curated selection of articles, which you can read by clicking here

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