Practical Magic(k)

How to Bring More Magic(k) Into Your Life: The Attitude of Gratitude

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” – Eckhart Tolle

Energy flows where attention goes, and getting your attitude in alignment with what you wish to bring in to your reality is not as complicated as you would imagine. In this experiment I will outline several strategic steps down the “yellow brick road” to your own “Oz” in addition to the practical application to finding your “rainbow”.

Two simple words are the first step to manifesting your personal magic, and these words are: “Thank You”. While seemingly simple, the expression of gratitude is essentially the “Abracadabra” of manifestation. If you have read The Secret, and it’s follow up book The Secret: The Magic, you may be familiar with the practice of keeping a gratitude journal (see: Count Your Blessings).

Gratitude journals serve as a daily reminder of the things you have in your life that you are grateful for, and are a great brain training device to help you stay in the frequency of faith as opposed to fear. When you Count Your Blessings your burdens (fear) begin to dissolve, and the beauty of your blessings (faith) will shine that much brighter.

A methodology that has worked for me in my daily practice of gratitude is to first find a journal whose aesthetic makes you feel good each time you look at it, something that evokes a sense of whimsy, nostalgia, happiness or inspiration. You can also create your own, and give your mindfulness a double whammy by collaging out a manifestation board as the cover. There are great resources online that provide you the option to create and print your own, which although may be a bit pricier, are well worth it to further personalize your practice.

Once you’ve found (or created) a journal that resonates best with you, the next part of the process is writing out the “right” and listing out what you’re thankful for. Each morning for 14 days, set aside about 10 minutes and write out 10 things, people, experiences, etc. that you are grateful for.

For example:

·      I am grateful for ______.

·      I feel so blessed to have experienced ______.

·      I am so lucky to have ______.

·      I absolutely love my ________.

·      I feel fortunate to be ________.


The “rights” you are to write about for the first 14 days are situations/relationships/things that you currently are experiencing. After the first 14 days are complete, for the next 14 days, write out your list of your 10 currents “rights”, but also now add 10 future “rights” that you want to manifest. As you write your future “rights”, be sure to use the present tense as though these experiences are already in your life, this will trick/train your brain into believing that these are already a part of your reality. As you write out the 10 current “rights” in conjunction with the 10 future “rights” the line of belief and wish will continue to blur, and eventually your future fantasy will come forward.

For example:

·      I am so excited about my new _______.

·      I am madly in love with my ________.

·      I am so grateful to feel confident because _______.

·      I am blessed to have my dream of _______ come true.

·      I am so thrilled to be traveling to _______ on this fantastic vacation.


At the final day of this 28-day experiment, I want you to get two different colored highlighters and flip to the beginning of your journal. Designate one color highlighter for the present “rights” that have expanded in a positive way, and designate another color for the future “rights” that have manifested.

Once you have highlighted all of what has expanded/manifested, write out all of the miracles that you have achieved just by practicing the simple act of gratitude towards the universe.

What you will find is that what you were already thankful for will have blossomed, and what you had hoped for is beginning to, (or has already) become your reality. While everything you express gratitude towards may not manifest within the 28-day period, you’ll see a significant shift in opportunities presenting themselves to allow your desires to be realized at their perfect time.

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