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How to Bring More Magic(k) Into Your Life: Initiation

If you happened to find this blog, be sure to realize that random is never random, and consider this your ultimate initiation into the arcane. The word arcane in itself is defined as “understood by few; mysterious or secret”, so if you are finding resonance with this subject matter, you are already a step ahead of the game by approaching this with even only a basic understanding.

When taking the continued steps on the trajectory towards conscious enlightenment, an initiate will find that the journey is filled with twists, turns, tricks and treachery but no matter how dire these circumstances may seem, one must realize that everything you experience is but a test to break down the barriers of ego.

If you truly seek to find the truth, the task will require a lot of patience, persistence, and passion, for this voyage into ascension also requires delving deep into the abyss of self, to break down the barriers of ego in order to find connection with our one true source of universal energy.

In the terrestrial realm of our existence, ego is but a prison that chains us to the lower realms of “I” and “me”, and essentially is an Escape from the Glory of Oneness (aka: ego). By surrendering to spirit and staying in a consciousness of love (Living the One Voice of Existence) we can understand the divine correlation between every circumstance, connection, and “coincidence” which is the key to unlocking your greatest potential spiritually, psychically, and consciously.

“As above, so below.” – Hermes

The best analogy I could use for the initiates journey into magic(k) is to compare the road ahead to the classic 90’s fantasy movie, The Never Ending Story.  Why I say this, is because the landscape of this film portrays the essence of life, the arduous expedition it presents, and the power of imagination, and owning of your true self throughout all adversity. The protagonist, Atreyu, has to go on a quest to save his world, with no weapons, other than his consciousness and heart to guide him. At one point there is a scene where he has to trek through the “swamps of sadness” and not allow fear, depression, and misery cause him to drown in despair. He continues to face obstacle after obstacle only in the end to be confronted with the hardest task, which is looking in the “magic” mirror of truth, and confronting his true self. Such is life…we are brought to this planet to walk a path that is equally filled with joy as it is with obstacle, and the journey is long, mysterious, and quite difficult at times. Our only real weapon in the “fight” through life is our hearts/minds, which serve as our internal navigation system through the external. We must trudge through the moments in life that want to drag us down into the dark void of sadness, and not allow fear to let us suffer, suffocate, or succumb. Ultimately, the final, most important lesson we learn through our experience is the unveiling of who we really are, and why we are really here. We must approach each waking moment from the perspective of a “spiritual warrior”, and while it may be hard to see the forest through the trees, we can’t allow our inner demons to make us lose focus on the “big picture”. The big picture is our own Never Ending Story because life, in its purest form, is about discovery, creation, destination, and (as I firmly believe) reincarnation. The cycle is undying, constant, and infinite, and our purpose on the planet is to learn, evolve, and ascend to become the next best, possible person we can be. For this life, and for our future lives…the story never ends.

Unfortunately, in our current paradigm of society we have been programmed to believe that everything is linear, black and white are separate from one another, and that there is an end and a beginning to all. The truth of reality that has been hidden from the masses, and is the basis of many mystery school teachings is that there is no permanence, nothing is finite, life and death are not opposite of one another but instead are one and the same, and fear is only an illusion that can be transmuted by living from the heart and embracing the spark of divine that is encoded within your every cell. This universal truth is the basis of Gnosticism, is the core of what Jesus taught, is the core of what Buddha lived, is the core of what Krishna spoke, is the foundation of Egyptian Ma’at Magick, is the lighter side of what Aleister Crowley wrote, and is the Zeitgeist that has been articulated in different ways from various ascended masters through the different rules and rituals that were indicative of the time of their incarnation. The universal truth of existence is that every living being is a part of the cosmos made conscious.

There is no ultimate good or ultimate bad, there only “is”, and the “is”, is infinite. Birth and death will continuously coexist together on the same spectrum of life, just as hot and cold coexist on the same spectrum of temperature, and the stars are only visible because of the evening. This connection is the contrast from which we learn, feel, experience, and grow, and accepting this concept is essentially the Rosetta Stone of decoding esoterica (as well as existence), and will allow you to decipher the divine messages you receive throughout your practice.

“A question is the first step towards the answer.”

This new weekly feature is meant to serve as your digital “spirit guide” to help you navigate through the extraterrestrial realms of the esoteric, and to allow you to better understand that our cosmic connection, and the spark of divinity within us all can help you open yourself up to receive universal insight, assistance, and a better understanding of why you chose (yes, you chose to come here) this life. The tools that I will present to you should be approached with an intention of dialing in to your “present presence” from a place of love without resistance.

Approaching the arcane with love in your heart is absolutely imperative. If you enter this realm from a place of fear, you will open yourself up to lower vibrational entities, which prey on this weakness and wreak havoc on your life. I can’t stress enough how detrimental fear is, and if you have any apprehension whatsoever, I urge you to get out of your head, and into your heart.

While the tools of divination, contact and “communion” presented over the next few weeks may give you a peek into the future (as well as insight into the past), it is important to understand that the future is always malleable and all that exists is a manifestation of thought, intention and energetic vibration.

What you channel may seem like predictions, but should be taken more as advice as opposed to something that is finite for your future. What you divine may essentially only be ascended advice, which has the potential to evolve into a manifestation actualizing because of the conscious attention and intention you place on the messages that materialize. When messages manifest through divination such as tarot, or communication with your spirit guides, and when you manifest your desires by working with spells, sigils, and the other forms of magic that are presented in this book you will find yourself feeling excited, overjoyed, and extremely proud of the power you have found within yourself.

This is all well and good, but it is absolutely crucial that you keep your results to yourself. Approach the results of your practice with the same first two rules from the movie Fight Club, “The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.” Give internal gratitude to the universe for blessing you with the gifts it has bestowed on you, and be humble and gracious for what you acquire, but do not talk about it to anyone. Not your best friend, not your lover, not your mother, father, grandmother, rabbi, or priest. Look at your results from the same point of view as when you make a wish as you blow out candles on a birthday cake, you don’t say the wish out loud because it takes away it’s power. Allow the mantra “Silence to the outside world, gratitude to the inside world” to be your guide, and this will keep you grounded by not allowing ego to bubble back up.

If you heed the advice and guidance presented within this “initiation”, you will discover that all of life is truly magic. By approaching this magic with an open heart and staying strong in the face of adversity you will understand that the only lock and limitation to our ever-expanding universe is fear, and love is the “skeleton key” that unlocks all of the greatest secrets, and mysteries hidden within our earthly microcosm. Set your fear aside and let love be your guide as you discover the potential of how powerful you truly are.

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  • Blaze Mackinnon
    January 3, 2016 at 12:44 am

    Awesome read.