Spirit Animal Explorations: The Chameleon

About the chameleon as a familiar spirit:

As channeled by JOB:

The chameleon can change his color to adapt to his conditions, but he is always still himself.

He changes only to adapt, not to be looked upon as fancy or showing off. The adaptations are to protect him from predators, so he can survive. Viewing the life of the chameleon as your guide is the lesson that you must adapt to your surroundings in order to survive, but know adaptation is a survival mechanism, not something to do to get attention from others.

Human beings find inspiration from one another and adapt their form of dress, speech, and activity based off what they mimic. The made ideal to follow is to mimic no one, but be always yourself and know when change needs to occur it is only to protect yourself from those who may be trying to prey on you.

Do not become anything, be yourself and change as it is necessary, not because you feel it is in fashion.

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