Nourishing the Garden of Your Mind

I’ve struggled with anxiety throughout my life. Mostly when I can’t find something I just had, get stuck in traffic, or a simple task proves more difficult than anticipated. I’ve done plenty of therapy, seeking possible triggers, but even as I evolve through life and ascend to higher consciousness, I still struggle. Though I am endlessly for this container of my being, the limitations of a human body can prove frustrating when your soul’s capacity feels limitless.

It’s not easy to eliminate annoyances when we’re so accustomed to instant gratification and something takes longer than it should. I see people (including myself) up in arms when a website won’t load or text won’t send.

It’s embarrassing at this point on my journey to even have the capacity for such low-vibration patterns, and at times I feel ashamed. Sensing the toxic anger bubble up, coursing through my veins, is clearly unhealthy – however, I am so grateful I’m aware enough to understand that finally.

Yesterday I perused a book by Katie Couric…I don’t know much of her story, my mom always preferred Tom Brokaw, but having interviewed a vast majority of powerful, influential people in the world, she must be worth checking out, and it certainly is. “The Best Advice I Ever Got…” features CEOs, movie stars, Olympic athletes and social influencers from many decades, and shares snippets of counsel they received that helped form their path and drive their success.

Of the many poignant essays, one particularly touched me. Christina Applegate wrote about overcoming an injury while on Broadway because, “the show must go on!” Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t give much thought to the implications of a broken foot, especially after experiencing so many physical injuries of my own, but the advice she received, though simple, is something society programs us to forget.

The crack in her bone would’ve prevented her opening a few weeks later in a role where she would be constantly dancing, and therefore, requiring both feet. She called upon a leader of spiritual wisdom in LA, asking for his assistance overcoming her fear of failing, and the injury itself.

In the midst of worry, frustration, and anxious anticipation of doom, he told her she did, “not have the luxury of negative thought.”

It seems funny to refer to negative thought as a luxury, but really theluxury is time. Time spent on negative thought not only detracts from moments that could be cultivating positive energy, but it is time spent attracting the exact opposite of what we desire. Frustration, anxiety, anger, impatience are all reactions of negative thought.

These poisons we absorb in our bodies are entirely self-inflicted. Worrying about money doesn’t help you make more of it, in fact it seems quite the opposite is true. The more we worry about something the more likely we are to get trapped in the spiral of negativity and prevent ourselves from escaping it to attain that which we desire.

Instead, why not spend our time thinking positively? Time is aluxury…this life, in this body, is our present moment, the only one we have. It is to be honored, not wasted.

Someone once gave me a metaphor, “your mind is a garden”. The positive thoughts, the dreams, the drive, those are fragrant flowers and vibrant vegetables. Fear, hate, judgment, and all the negative thoughts, are the weeds. No one wants weeds to thrive in their garden…so as you journey through life, tend the garden within wisely, plant the seeds of success, and nurture them. The fruits of this care will feed your mind, body and soul – and give you the spiritual nutrition necessary to thrive.

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