The Incredible Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

“Oil pulling” is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that involves swishing oil in your mouth for 20 minutes (no more, no less). Through swishing the oil, it apparently pulls toxins out of your body through your mouth.

According to Wikipedia:

Oil pulling or oil swishing is a traditional folk remedy that involves swishing oil in the mouth. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita, where it is called Kavala Gandoosha or Kavala Graha. Ayurvedic literature describes oil pulling as capable of both improving oral health and treating systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or asthma.[1] While scientific evidence is lacking to support any systemic benefits of oil pulling, some studies have suggested that it may reduce oral plaque, halitosis, and gingivitis.[1][2][3][4][5]

The benefits don’t end at just oral improvement, apparently oil swishing also has a plethora of other positive effects as well. Such as…

  • Teeth whitening
  • Strengthening of the gums, teeth, and jaw. As well as helping with sensitive teeth and TMJ.
  • Prevention of cavities and gingivitis.
  • Helps with acne, eczema, psoriasis & other skin care issues.
  • General body detox.
  • Cures hangovers and migraines.
  • Helps with sleep issues.
  • Clears out sinuses, and helps with allergies.
  • Help with halitosis.
  • Helps with general pain issues.
    • Management of hormonal imbalances.

To try “oil pulling” it is preferred you find an ORGANIC oil, such as coconut oil or sesame oil (according to a blog post from Fashion Lush, coconut oil may be a better choice as it also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties as well). Then take either a teaspoon to a tablespoon amount of oil, put it in your mouth, then swish for 20 minutes.

It’s easy to do. Pick an oil, you can use ORGANIC coconut oil or sesame oil (I prefer coconut cause it also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, & anti-inflammatory properties), put anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon (depending on what you can handle) in your mouth, swish for 20 minutes. While swishing it is imperative you do not swallow, as you are filling the oil up with the toxins that are in your body. After time is up, spit out the “toxic waste” into a plastic baggy or directly into the trash, do not spit it down the drain because the oil will eventually solidify and cause issue with your pipes.

I, for one, can attest to the health benefits of this technique, and since I have incorporated “oil pulling” into my routine – I can honestly say, I’ve noticed a major difference! If you have tried this before and have had positive experiences, click the link below and share your comments!

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