A Universal Theory of Everything

There is an incredible quantity information out there for the open minded truth-seeker to digest, spanning the full spectrum from widely accepted universal truths to outrageous conspiracy theories. I’ve come to find that all this information has the capacity to be quite overwhelming, so sometimes its nice to remind ourselves of the basics: Everything is One. This seems like a common revelation for awakening souls.

“Everything is One” – with the aim of aligning our scientific thinking with perennial human philosophy, could this be our “Universal Theory of Everything”?

Everything is One, therefore everything we experience as separate is at some point connected. In everyday terms this idea has very practical implications. First and foremost take our individual selves – if we are all part of this connected oneness then to cause harm to another makes absolutely no sense, we are only hurting ourselves.

Herein lies a fundamental tenet of this new world we are co-creating – how amazing would this world be if everyone thought like this?! If everyone had this awareness then everyone would be nice to each other and we could create a perfect world. Sounds like a long shot but the world is in such a state that a change in direction like this is probably a natural consequence. And there do seem to be a great many people waking up. We can see people getting together into growing online communities with names such as Collective Evolution, Awakening People, Wake Up World and of course Evolve and Ascend…our collective consciousness is shifting.

There’s a further revelation hidden in here though. If everything is onethen everyone is everything. Look at that sentence, it barely makes sense, and yet they do say that man is a microcosm of the universe. You are everything, this is the reality we have to come to terms with. You are not just a person connected somehow to all other people – you are everything. The universe is within you, and you are the universe. This is must be the ultimate revelation, the consciousness looking out of your eyes is none other than the universe itself.

The enormity of it confounds us, its too much. The wisdom of the world is based around this mysterious ungraspable wonder. It is awesome, it is staggering and it is the beginning and the end rolled into one.

Just try to conceive for a moment how utterly amazing and beautiful the entire universe is…that is exactly how utterly amazing and beautiful you are!

Watch the video I’ve created below to learn even more about these concepts – and bridge the gap between art, tech, love, and the universal oneness that connects us all!

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