Life Lesson: Allowing Your Heart to Guide You, Always

As channeled by JOB:

The lesson for this week is the ideal of allowing your heart to be what guides you, always. When you follow your heart, you are following your truth, but when you follow your ego you are following the illusions you’ve built to adapt to the material world.

The heart is the organ, which allows life to be in flow. The “water of life” is your blood, and it flows through all of your veins. It also is what flows through your brain, but to get to the mind, it must first pump through your heart.

This is an analogy to take into consideration with your actions. Before you flow with the “current”, look at where the waters are flowing. Are you moving in tempo with your heart, or are you allowing a tidal wave to form, which causes you to drown in your thoughts?

The ego can cause chaos, but the heart is where all truth lies. Follow your heart and be aware of the ego…do not first follow the ego and ignore the heart. If you flow in your tempo, it will allow for smooth sailing towards the horizons of what you desire, always.

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