Life Lesson: You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

As channeled by JOB:

The lesson this week is this, because you do not always get what you want, it does not mean you do not get what you need. This lesson is Biblical and transcends all time, because it is the made lesson of the soul’s journey here on Earth.

You come to this experience, to experience exactly what you need at first, before being able to command what you want. When you get what you want, before you get what you need, the result is usually an ungrateful mind that take things for granted.

The lesson to be aware of is this…life is an experience, which is to serve a higher purpose that is beyond all things material, while the material makes this experience more joyful at times, if you do not at first feel joy before you experience material abundance, you will view these objects as being what you are entitled to, instead of appreciating them because they have been earned through experience.

The idea to always remind yourself of is this…be grateful always and you will always have the graces of life’s joyful experiences. When you take things for granted, you will only take this life for being yours for the taking and this is a mindset of an unsatisfied soul. Love is the action, which allows all actions and reactions to come from love, but lack is fear, and fear feeds darkness not light.

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