Spirit Animal Explorations: The Marmoset

As channeled by JOB:

The marmoset is small but fast – it moves swiftly to get where it needs to go, and goes where it needs, not necessarily where it wants.

Using this animal’s made journey as a lesson is to understand you go where you need first before you go where you want – but along the way, you get everything you want eventually by learning what you need. The idea is to be a fast thinker and fast mover, and to not be idle in the actions you must take to get where you need.

Do not get caught up in small thinking, or small feelings. Remember to think better thoughts and think bigger thoughts, because all actions are reactions to a bigger story that is bigger than you.

The made lesson to take away from this spirit guide is no life is too small, no action is too small, and all movement gets you exactly what you need before getting exactly what you want.

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