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Tarot Card of the Week: XXI – The World

Tarot Card of the Week: XXI – The World

Alphabet: Th, Taw in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 400

Astrological Nature: Saturn (Earth)

As channeled by JOB:

XXI – The World: To know the world, you must first know yourself. To know the next plane, you must be in acceptance of this made trial, in order to be the level of the actualized self. 

The World is the ballad of the all that is, and the all that is, is the universe’s song. The World is the world you know on Earth to you, but the world is bigger than this world, and is the world outside the world into an endless infinite possibility of potential.

Mentioned before was the nature of time being a cycle, this is the cycle of The World. The World turns, but never takes a break. The World takes time, and makes it form into cycles that correspond to being the ballad it is hoping to sing. The World turns and turns, until the song is sung correctly and then once the song is over, a new song is sung. This is the good calling of creation to be the only thing that exists, the entire world is a creation, and all of the creation is a world. The Earth always will be The Earth, but it will continue to go through many cycles.

You started as The Fool, and now you are enlightened…but to know The World, you had to come to know yourself to be The World. You have to be the best version of yourself, and to see The World you have to find the proper vision. To be the change you must have the proper intention to give love, you must be kind to all, and to get love, you must be the love to even your worst enemies. To be the goodness to God-ness, you must understand that God is the poetry in motion, not the “man in the sky”.

The dharma you live is the result of the karma you are able to resolve. The relationships you experience are the manifestations of the people you need to see in order to see yourself. Your soul mate is the one who loves you unconditionally, and dances with you always. The ballad of the calling to create is a journey filled with a cast of characters that will form you into a god, in your own right, and to be the star you must embrace the sky at night. To be The Fool transformed into the illuminated man, you must be able to laugh through the journey, and to call the angels when you need help. To call the angels when you are lost in your purpose, the angels will direct your path, but be aware of the demons that trick you and never sell your soul for the better time here. The Devilis not really a devil, but is your ego instead. Celebrate the union of God (soul) and the Devil (ego). Do not fear either, as they cannot be separated, so they must be celebrated. They work together to better your soul, and to allow you to become the best version of yourself – but do not fear either ever, because you are only then being afraid of yourself.

The lesson to learn is to be in control of your body, your mind, and your heart and like the Wizard of Oz, understand that even without the smoke and mirrors, you are still almighty, and still all powerful. The only thing to fear, is fear itself, and the only baggage to carry are your questions, which will be unloaded in time as they are answered. Walk the path with an open heart, and always keep an open mind. Your journey is endless, so it is best to leave your troubles behind. Make the best of your life, and do not be afraid. Call the angels for love, and give the demons permission to leave when they appear. You need to be aware of your power at all times, and the ultimate power comes from the questions that are answered on the path to enlightenment, and the ballad of the fool is best sung when you are singing in tune with the ballad of God.

The labyrinth of life is tricky at times, but do not take anything for granted. Make the best of the worst and keep a made ideal of the heart of a child and you will be a happy man.

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