Law of Attraction

Exploring the Laws of the Universe: The Principle of Gender

As channeled by JOB:

The law of the universe we will explore next is the law (principle) of gender being present in all living things. There is always a masculine and there is always a feminine, there is always the matron and patron. The call of this allowing is the allowing of the universe’s mind to become manifest in equal energies throughout experience.

The male energies are the energies of the left, and carry the call of logic, reason, numbers, and science. The male energy requires fact to believe and does not believe without fact. The male mind being made manifest in all creation is the masculine energy of the logical side of the mind.

The female mind is the right side, responsible for creativity, creation, intuition, love, and the art of illusion. The female mind will believe without fact and feel instead of looking for logic as to why. The balance of gender is found in all living beings and the reasoning is to allow the made opposites to become one in their creation.

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