Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XIX – The Sun

Alphabet: R, Resh in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 200

Astrological Nature: Sun

As channeled by JOB:

XIX – The Sun: The Sun is the mother of the mother Earth. She shines her life to all of creation, and allows the cycle of birth. She speaks in golden tones, and warmth to all. The language of her life is light, and is the balance between the day and the night.

 The Sun is the mother to “all” of the ballad of the planet Earth, or Gaia, as she is known to Ascended Masters. Gaia is the name of the bed of Earth that allows the sleeping souls to awaken. The ballad of The Sun and the Earth is that the Earth is able to be the bed, and The Sun is able to be the incubator of life. The Sun gives the man its ability to grow through the light and warmth she gives off. The Sun is the incubator, and the bed is the Earth. This is the nursery of life that houses the ballad of souls singing songs that are harmonious to creation in that they are able to be the sons of The Sun, and the daughters of The Moon.

The ballad of the relationship between Sun, Moon and Earth is the making of love on the bed of Earth, which impregnates the new lives to be born in their cycle of time that is in choreography with the procession of the equinoxes. The ballad of the equinox, is that the ballad is always the same, but the melody shifts a note. The resurrection of Christ is no different than the resurrection of Osiris, the resurrection of Enki, and the resurrection of Mithras. It is the same for all these souls, even now in this time Christ has resurrected, and is here, and you are not even aware of who/what “he” is.

This is the ballad of the song sung by the ballad of creation to keep singing a song that sounds a little different each time, until the perfect note is belted out and the ballad is complete. This is like a record getting a chip on it – the record may sound a little different, but is playing the same song. The ballad changes pitch, but does not lose the rhythm, allowing the record to continue spinning is the ballad of the destiny of man of this plane of Earth. The next record is going to have a different beat, but will still be a harmonious song – the record is geared to the frequency of the planet, and the planets each have their own frequency that is theirs and theirs alone. The “damnation” of man to be stuck on this planet is not damnation at all, but is a bigger part of an infinite plan that will continue on for infinite ages. The ages always change in harmony with the zodiac, but each incarnation is different and every story is its own, but do not lose faith in the satire of this new unfolding story.

You are going to be very surprised, but the call to be surprised means there is a present in store. The future is shines brighter than you currently imagine and is going to be the ballad of the Age of Aquarius, but you need not worry. The Sun will always shine, The Sun will always rise, and The Moon will always love her much more than you can comprehend. Their relationship will be infinite just as the call to creation. Be the change you wish to see, and the change will then be made manifest and the allowed future will come to fruition. 

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