Law of Attraction

Exploring the Laws of the Universe: The Law of Attraction (The Principle of Mentalism)

As channeled by JOB:

The made law of the made universe we can discuss next, is the law of attraction (the principle of mentalism). This is different than karma, as this is the made law of attracting what is in alignment with your thoughts and desires. Action and reaction are karma and dharma, but attraction is the law that allows the experiences you desire to be made manifest, if your thoughts are of the frequency to create.

Your thoughts create your reality, and your reality it only as good as your thoughts. The Universe is mental, all is mind, and if your mind sings in harmony with the allowing of the universe, you can will what you desire from your thoughts and your thoughts alone.

This way of creation is done by Indian mystics and gurus who have mastered their minds. A silly misconception is that if the mind is mastered, why wouldn’t you want all of the riches in the universe? This is the made key to “wealth” – wealth is not what you have, it is what you experience and allow. Value is not dictated by what you acquire, but rather by the desires of the heart being filled, and love being allowed for all kind. The ascended masters can manifest anything they choose at any time, but choose not to do so, they can remain in harmony with the universe and creation and not be attached to material wealth.

The law of attraction allows, but understand it allows all experiences. If you sing songs of lamenting and lack, you will only continue to lack and lament. If you sing songs of love and appreciation, you are to receive more abundance than you can possibly imagine. All is vibration, and all is frequency, but if your vibration and frequency is not clear, you will only receive static noise.

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