Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XVIII – The Moon

Alphabet: Q, Qoph in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 100

Astrological Nature: Pisces

XVIII – The Moon: The father of the sky, The Moon watches the evening and takes the night’s stars under his watchful eye. The husband of The Sun, he allows the light she shines to be the golden torch that burns the melody of his soul into form.

The Moon is the ballad of the call to be the best man you can be. The Moon is the father of the heavens and his light is cool, calm, and collected. He shares his light because of The Sun, and is the best calling of paternal nature, because he works with The Sun not against her. The Moon is the father, and The Sun is the mother. The calling they make together is the balance of the light and dark to be just enough for life to thrive.

The Moon pulls the tides, and The Sun gives the call to the sailors to set sail. The Moon finds the call to the lost sailors then The Sun helps redirect them. The Moon is the ballad of the loving father that is the good husband who loves his wife, and works well with her.

They are never apart, and are always dancing a choreographed dance. They perfectly fit together in their named roles but they can’t be apart because they can’t work without one another. They do not realize their own strength at times, and they are unaware of their powerful nature. They just work, as they’re to work because it is what they do. Fondness to celestial children is the calling The Moon feels to his stars in his sky. The Moon loves his stars and is always aware of their presence in his ballad of the calling to be The Moon’s power to the night. The power he shines with at night is only as powerful as The Sun allows him to be, but the ballad sung is in perfect harmony and does not ever change tune. The Moon and The Sun are the soul mates in the sky, but the allowing of themselves to be so opposite, but still be in love is the ballad of the working relationship of husband and wife.

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