Exploring the Magic Behind nūmūn with Johanna Warren

There is magic that lies within the root of all music. The artist uses the medium to set an intention, to attain a desired result with each transmission. Music has a way to make us feel something deep inside and comes to the surface as ‘chills’ upon our skin. It can conjure a sense of nostalgia, or transport us to another place if we allow it to. Music finds its way into our psyche as a form of therapy that can heal and reveal the true nature of our spirit, inspiring us to think, feel, or see things through the lens of the artist.

Johanna Warren is an energy healer and lightworker, who has found a way to use her artform of music, to communicate concepts that came to her naturally. By way of conversation, and surrounding herself with like-minded individuals, she was able to unlock the wisdom that was once dormant. Her insight is poetic and colorful, while holding close to tragedy. This allows the alchemical reaction of turning darkness into light. Her most recent album, “nūmūn“, is a beautiful collection of folk songs that glow with her gorgeous voice, defining each moment, lyric, and note.

In her own words, nūmūn is:

“Dedicated to The Moon: by honoring her phases, I am restoring balance to my body and spirit; and to the divine feminine: by collectively cultivating her, may we restore balance to our world.”

This album was written over the course of 2013, while Warren spent most of that year as a back-up vocalist for the artist, Iron & Wine. When she finally found the time to commit her work to a recording, she teamed up with her best friend and engineer, Bella Blasko. They decided to record the record over 9 days, between a lunar and solar eclipse. The correlation behind the album, and the process in which it was made, has manifested a beautiful journey for the listener, crossing into different dimensions, guided by her words and chords.

Her style finds a way to connect with you, while her voice is a reflection of musings from the astral realm. She embodies the spirit of her music. Her songs are well crafted, and arranged in a way that is accessible, and cathartic. As her songs may whisper into the ether, they find a way to keep you grounded.

In her song, “True Colors” (see video below), her chorus follows a beautiful progression, that allows her to impart a beautiful observation:

“Wherever you are, you’ll never get out alive if you got no light. You can’t see your true colors in black and white. ”

Johanna Warren has graced the universe with something that needs to be not only hear, but felt. We only hope that you give it the time and mind to listen to her communicate her perspective, as a way of awakening you to the spirit that lies dormant inside each of us. It’s time for the collective to begin their awakening, and it’s the job of the artists to open their eyes to the infinite nature of their being. Listen to nūmūn below, and stay tuned for our interview with Johanna for Liberation Frequency, which will be on our YouTube channel tomorrow!

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