Law of Attraction

Exploring the Laws of the Universe: The Law of Karma (The Principle of Cause and Effect)

As channeled by JOB:

The next made law is the “Law of Karma” (or Principle of Cause and Effect). You reap what you sow, always. You attract a result based off of how you planted your seeds of desire and what kind of “farmer” your soul’s experience allows you to be.

The call of this law is that all opportunity will be met with a result based off of how you take the opportunity andallow. “Karma” is a word confused by some to mean “all good karma results in good results…and all bad karma results in bad results”…but the call is that karma (cause/action) is what seeds you’ve sown properly or improperly – and dharma (effect/reaction) is the made cultivating of new crops once you harvested your share.

Karma is the action and dharma is the reaction. Your karma is yours, but you can also allow the karma of others to work it’s way into your soul’s key, if you allow their energy exchange and do not protect yourself.

While karma is a law…the made rule of karma is the “golden rule” of doing onto others as you would do on to yourself. 

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