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Liberation Frequency #12: Growing Up Scientology – From Cradle to Slave with Nora Crest

In our latest episode of Liberation Frequency (see below), Jennifer Sodini interviews Nora Crest, a Scientology survivor. Nora elaborates on her harrowing account of growing up in Scientology, SEA org, the 5 years she spent working at the Celebrity Center International, and the 3 years she spent in a reconditioning program called RPF. Nora explains what was not discussed in the controversial documentary, “Going Clear“, and asks the question “what about those who did not choose to be born into Scientology?”.

Nora’s latest project, “Growing Up Scientology: From Cradle to Slave“, is a YouTube channel which will allow children who were born into Scientology to have a platform to share their stories, release their truth, and bring further awareness to the abuse that occurs in this organization.

To learn more about Nora’s work visit her blog: http://ragingbuddha.net/

Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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