What to Expect From the Strawberry Moon on June 2nd

The June full moon (the “Strawberry Moon”) which occurs tomorrow, June 2nd, is set to bring us insight and new opportunities to “harvest”.

The name strawberry moon, or rose moon (as it’s known in Europe), is not an indication of the color – rather the idea that fruit is ready to be picked. The color of tomorrow’s moon is actually more honey-toned, and some refer to it as the Honey-Moon, which is no coincidence because people tend to get married and “honeymoon” around this time.

According to Crystal B. on Elephant Journal, strawberries and honey have little to do with the deeper significance of this astrological event, stating:

“Now from an astrological point of view, strawberries and honey have nothing to do with this moon at the surface. It’ll highlight the adventurous sign of Sagittarius and pull us into a balancing act with the sign of Gemini, the information seeker.

Full moons always create closure while pulling us into a balancing act between two signs of the zodiac.

Sagittarius is a thrill seeker that loves to be free. It wants to go where it pleases and look for new discoveries. This is a sign that cannot be boxed in and will be happy to tell you about all his findings along the way. It is the quintessential teacher after all.

Gemini, on the other hand, likes to be on the go—but it’s more in tune with the intricacies of all the crazy amounts of information we always have flying around. It will make a whole lot of extra stops along the journey to find out all the little details, while Sagittarius just wants to feel the rush of freedom.

Sagittarius is pushed to go out and look for something for the sheer thrill of the unknown. Gemini craves the information and goes out looking for all the information he can get to sharpen his mind.

There’s no doubt that part of the feel of this full moon is going to be the desire to go out, be free and have the ability to get new information given the signs in play. However, there’s a lot more to this story. Mars, the energy planet, is going to be making a pretty big show at this time as well. He will fuel energy and push us to get what we want—maybe even too aggressively.

Some of us could end up feeling a lot riskier and be driven to get something done.

The problem with this drive is that they universe’s brakes are going to be on. Things might get a tad more challenging in getting to our destination point. Neptune, the planet that has a tendency to look at things with rose-colored glasses, is going to be put under pressure here. He will be standing in an uncomfortable spot at the time of this full moon and push us to see things differently while heightening our awareness and feelings.

Our perception about something may change and a reality check could swing in. The rose-colored glasses are coming off, and sometimes what we see isn’t so rosy.

This, along with all of the other combining energies, is going to make us have to stop for a few and process all that is around us. Taking a time out around this time isn’t such a bad thing—it’s actually precisely what the universe wants us to do. Processing and reassessing things can be of great benefit—especially since we’re still in a Mercury Retrograde period. We all want to get to where we need to fast, but sometimes moving too quickly isn’t the answer.

If we do that, we risk missing all the important stuff—or details—that come along for the ride.” (read full article by clicking here)

While new energy is abundant, it is also important to remember that Mercury is still retrograde until June 11th/12th so be gentle with yourself, and take all new wisdom you receive with a grain of salt. Practicing mindfulness and getting clear as crystal about what you wish to bring into your life is key for the next few weeks, and the exercises provided in this article (see: 6 Ways to Stay Mindful During Retrograde) are fantastic ways to allow these energies to work for you (not against you).

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