Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XIV – Temperance

Alphabet: S, Shin in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 60

Astrological Nature: Sagittarius

As channeled by JOB:

XIV – Temperance: The feeling of the patient mind waiting of the destiny of the next life.

The ballad the card of Temperance sings is that of the call to be the best version of yourself in the next realm. The realm you ascend to is either higher or lower but you must always be the best no matter which realm you exist on.  The calling of your higher self to be in touch with the self here now is the balloon to inflate with your call to be whom you wish. You can be whom you wish if you are not being selfish in your reasoning. The reason you are to become who you wish to be can be found in your heart, throat, and third-eye chakras. You can activate these by being aware of them in your being the best version of yourself always.

The card of Temperance is allowing your time here to be giving to others, to be aware of the need that exists for kindness and does not exist currently. Right now, the ability for people to be kind seems to be the hardest task, yet it is truly the easiest. Being kind requires nothing more than the ability to go be kind. It doesn’t mean you have to do anything more than use your heart to give, to allow others to feel good when they are down, and to be servicing the call that is necessary right now. You are able to be kind if you let go of being egotistical by judging who deserves what – you bear witness to all but you cannot decide who deserves what. You should be kind to even the “bad” souls because they are not bad at all. They are good people who had bad experiences that tainted the color of their soul and they need to be the new color painted in the tone of love by all, not just the ones who feel like it.

Right now, if there is someone who needs the act of kindness, be singing a song of kindness to him or her. It is simple, this only requires you to do something small, to brighten someone else’s day. The best way to be the kind soul is to call on the person in need and say something nice that will make their day better. This feels good, and this is being a good person. It is not so difficult, right?

Allow the kindness to be your motivator, because one good deed sparks the fire of a flame of more good deeds. The fire burns brighter as more kindness is poured on it and burns brightest when all are pouring kindness into the flames. Use your solar plexus first to identify if ego is getting in the way. To do this, be aware of the center of your body, and breathe into this area. The chakra will open up when you ask it why it is being egotistical. You must ask first, and then allow it to be an answer to you in your thoughts or feelings. Once this is identified, let it go, and ask it to leave. The idea is the allowing it to be made present, then to release it from your body.

The next step is to be aware of your heart. The way to do this is to be fond of the feeling to your heart and ask it if it needs anything. Ask it why it may be feeling heavy and then make it a point to be the lighter maker that makes it light. The asking it to be the answer is the ballad to sing. Stopping the darkness from residing in your heart can be done simply by telling it to be gone and asking it to leave with a nice tone. Do not be giving it orders in a stern voice, you must gentle and be the light to the dark, and be the love to the lack of feeling love.

The next step is to ask your throat chakra what is the bad itterings and why you are ittering them. Right now, hold your hands to your throat and ask it to be giving you the best voice to speak with. Ask it to be the best loving tone always, to remove any discord in your intention of the sounds you make, and to allow only the truth to be spoken. The next step is to focus on your eyes. Ask your eyes to give you proper vision, and ask them to show you why you are not seeing properly. Stop being lamenting in your sight, by asking to see with compassionate eyes that see the truth like the voice that speaks it. Zone in on your third-eye, as well, by being aware of it’s existence in the mind.

Close your eyes and envision a grapefruit sized eyeball. Yes, this is large, but you must see this this way, to be able to then open the Ajna chakra. The way to envision the grapefruit sized eye is to see it in your thoughts first, and ask it to be made active, so you are able to see the future that your kindness will create. Sing a song of being excited to activate something so special and be aware of the dent in time your actions create. Sitting down as you do this exercise is the good enough idea. Think about the grapefruit, then getting smaller and smaller, until is the size of your regular eyes. Then open your eyes and say the mantra named, “Sat Nam, Sat Bam”. This is to activate the exercise through the best voice and sound ittering of intent. Being aware of the kind feelings being in your actions and in your heart, thoughts, voice and vision is the act of Temperance into action.

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