Spirit Animal Explorations: The Python

As channeled by JOB:

This animal is the snake who is able to constrict to kill if necessary, but only when necessary.

The ideal is to allow the beauty of your skin to be the made mystery which draws fascination, but know how to protect yourself from those who wish to exploit your mystique by capturing your beauty.

The python is a wild animal, not to be completely tamed by any training. It is guided by its senses, and does not wish to be controlled or captured. Letting this animal serve as your guide, is to be the best beautiful version of yourself always, but understand your mystique is your power. It is important to know when to hold tightly to who you are, in order to protect yourself from those who wish to contain your mysteries.

Allow admiration from afar, but use your senses to know when the wrong people are getting too close.

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