Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XI – Justice

Alphabet: L, Lamedh in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 30

Astrological Nature: Libra

XI – Justice: Soon the Ma’at scale weighs for everyone. The call of karma is to always be answered by dharma, and to succeed in the next plane you must maintain a heart that is light. 

The Card of Justice is the card of the karma you make be the dharma you fulfill. You must always reap what you sow, and you are to sow new seeds from the lessons you learned which are to make you a better farmer. As we stated before in the card of The Emperor, you are your soul, not the clothes you wear. You are your spirit, not just the soul. You are able to change your outer appearance in the way you dress, but you are always wearing your soul, even when naked too. The naked soul is the soul of the call to be the goodness to your God-ness, and to always think about the future before you make a decision, because the future is formed from the decisions you make. The ballad to sing is the song in harmony with a future that is belting out a tune in harmony, not of a future that is the tempo of discord needing to be fine-tuned again through experience.

You are able to create anything you wish, but you are always to be aware of the consequences for what you make as well. When you make the bed you lie in, you also need to make sure the sheets are fitted to the bed. When the sheets do not fit properly, the bed you sleep in is a mess after time. You are unable to sleep comfortably, and you are not able to be the good decision maker because of a lack of sleep. You need to buy sheets that fit your bed well, so you can rest easy and dream well. You make the bed with your intentions and the justice is served by how you are able to be in the dream state as well as the life you live. The ballad of Justice sings a song that is of dark music at times, but through the dark music you can find your perfect pitch and sing a better song in time. Allow either the angels to guide you, or you allow the demons…neither are bad, but the intention you are putting out into the universe. Do you wish for fortune and fame, or do you wish to learn the ways of the world?

The ballad to sing is the ballad of knowledge, because with knowledge you can become fortunate, and famous, but if you only ask for fortune and fame, you will not understand the world until it comes crashing down on you. Right decisions lead to allowing the all to be possible, but bad decisions are the allowing of the all to be possible in the way of the darkness being your eventual teacher, not being always guided by your light.

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