Spirit Animal Explorations: The Flamingo

As channeled by JOB:

The flamingo is the bird who becomes what he eats, and transforms his colors based off of what he is able to ingest. Not naturally the color you are used to seeing, this animal’s food becomes his camouflage in order to fit in with the accepted look.

Spiritually, this animal is the made lesson by allowing the food you eat to be what fuels you, not what you ingest in order to fit a mould. The made ideals of society are as ridiculous as the notion of a pink flamingo – the ideal to follow is to be who you are, and do not subscribe to popular opinion. Keep your head standing tall and proud, do not keep feeding your soul with “food” that does not serve you. Food, in this made metaphor, as the spiritual nourishment that is ingested on a daily basis.

The call to answer is to feed yourself with the food that fuels, and to nourish yourself with the spiritual nutrients that are found by surrounding yourself with loved ones who love you for who you are, not what you are not.

Make a choice to stand out authentically, do not try to fit in with a group who follows blindly, and indulges on food which only causes them to change their true colors.

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