Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: IX – The Hermit

 Alphabet: I, Yod in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 10

Astrological Nature: Virgo

As channeled by JOB:

IX – The Hermit: Remember the importance of solitude, it can serve to remind you of your true purpose.  

The Hermit card is the song of the time for self-reflection. The Hermit needs time alone to ponder the choices that have been made, without any outside noise. The ballad he sings is the song of the lone ranger, seeking knowledge by his own experiences, not the experiences of others. The Hermit is able to reflect in the silence, and answers through contemplation. The Hermit is able to be alone and need nothing but his own thoughts and experiences to guide his path.

History of The Hermit has shown him how to be alone and not feel lonely, how to be alone and need nothing more than the knowledge he carries. The Hermit is not a crab, but is instead a beautiful being that lights his path in only needing the necessary and only wanting of knowledge. The Hermit does not balk at the successes of others, but instead feels pleasure in other people’s manifesting of dreams.

He understands that one dream made manifest gives birth to many other dreams as well, and this pattern of the patterns of the universe is the pattern of the call to creation. Stopping the balking at other people’s success is the lesson here, because although you may sometimes be “alone” in your journey, you are never alone in the allowing of the dreams of others to be received well.

When you receive a dream well, you are able to dream even bigger for yourself. When you dream for yourself, from a place of making good intentions to yourself and to others, you are singing in perfect tune with the universe.

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