Tarot Card of the Week: VIII – Strength

Alphabet: T, Tet in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 9


Astrological Nature: Leo

As channeled by JOB:

VIII – Strength: Courage and Persistence. Strong minds do not fall into traps made by the ego.

The Card of Strength represents remaining strong even during times of war or famine, or lamenting of the lack of resources to fulfill your calling. The Strength card which calls upon the warrior to be present, ready to be strong through good times and in bad as well.

You carry the abilities of the warrior in your solar plexus, and in your root chakra. The solar plexus is to guide if it is necessary or if it is true, and the root chakra is to be the center to create from the place of necessity, not from want. The way they are to work together is to be activated by your strength in your walking posture. Are you walking proud, or are you walking with pride? Is your step in tune with your intention, or is it out of line with the walk you are footing in your feet? Stop walking with pride, and instead be proud of the walk you take in your time here.

The walk you take is the label you wear, and how onlookers view you. The Strength in your posture is the suit of armor, and the armor is that made from quiet confidence, not of the boastful man that is righteous in his balking of how much he has accomplished instead of just letting the work speak for itself.

Strength comes from knowing, and not having to be talking about the walk you are walking.  Strength also comes from a cool, calm, confidence in how you are able to articulate ideas with your words. You are the strong warrior when you can talk the talk, and walk the walk…without needing any prior approval…only the awareness of your language, both physical and verbal.

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