Spirit Animal Explorations: The Giraffe

As channeled by JOB:

The giraffe is the made animal that is always looking above, with his head in the air, and his feet on the ground.

The giraffe is the made walking beast that can appreciate the trees for their shade when able, but also for their leaves that provide oxygen to allow the breath of life to be breathed in harmony with nature.

The call of this animal as your spirit guide is to be appreciative of the beauty of nature from all angles, and to be the best made thinker when setting lofty ideals that may seem out of reach. If you remain grounded as you reach for the sky, the limit will be lifted by your ability to be balanced.

You must be balanced in all you do, in all you think, and in all you experience – for it is through balance that you can walk on earth with confidence, and also stay connected to the heavens.

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