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Liberation Frequency #8: The Origins of Evolve and Ascend + Sun Language

In the 8th episode of Liberation Frequency, Jennifer Sodini and Billy O’Brien discuss how they met, and what lead them on their journey to create Evolve and Ascend. They elaborate on the synchronicities behind their discovery of Sun Language, and how the darkness of their past lead them towards a brighter future.

About Jennifer:
Jennifer Sodini is an author, actress, and creative entrepreneur that with a colorful life story that is stranger than fiction.

A born empath and spiritual intuitive, Jennifer spent the majority of her childhood with her grandparents traveling, and being exposed to culture in the form of arts, opera, and literature. She credits her grandmother for helping her to further develop her psychic abilities by teaching her Tarot at just 8-years-old. She was raised to think “outside the box” by being exposed to many different types of esoteric teachings at a young age, specifically the work of Aleister Crowley. After her grandmother’s death in 1997, Jennifer fully immersed herself into learning about the nature of reality, life, death, dimensions and consciousness.

She founded Evolve and Ascend in March 2013 with the hope of creating a counter culture movement that promotes thought provoking discussion so as to enlighten readers and participants. Jennifer is also a published author of a children’s book on cosmic consciousness entitled, The Unity Tree. She was inspired to write this work after going on a retreat hosted by Daniel Pinchbeck, and his company Evolver in June 2013 at Guaria de Osa in Costa Rica.

Jennifer hosts Liberation Frequency (YouTube.com/user/evolveandascend) where she explores initiation through the art of conversation. Featuring bright beautiful minds, who are helping to pave the path towards this brave new world we are entering as humanity evolves and ascends into higher consciousness. Touching on multidimensional subject matter including spirituality, science, technology, art, music, esoterica, sex, psychedelics, and film – the heart centered focus of this transmission is to share stories of inspiration, and to explore what it really means to be alive. Guests so far have included acclaimed authors Kingsley Dennis, Tobias Churton, and Nick Seneca-Jankel.

Connect with Jennifer on Twitter: @jennifersodini

About Billy:

Billy O’Brien has spent over 50% of his life working in music. He always had an obsession with counter culture/anti-establishment movements, along with a strong interest in Mystery School teachings passed down by secret societies. Growing up, he spent his time playing in various hardcore bands and began studying Buddhism, which eventually evolved into his experimentation with psychedelics and understanding of higher consciousness in his late teens.

His professional life was comprised of various roles as an event promoter, artist manager, record label owner, and radio personality. He had the blessing of working with a variety of artists who’ve gone on to find national support. His obsession with psychedelic music born from NYC’s Greenwich village in the late 60’s, coupled with the beautiful trainwreck that was “Factory Records” in Manchester, UK- led him back to wisdom teachings he put down in his early 20’s….There is a complicated explanation on “why” and “how”.

He reconnected with Jennifer after learning about the goals of her children’s book, and her recent experiences that seemed to mirror things happening in his life, as well as his worldview. At that moment, he let go of his previous life, and began working with her to help her fully realize her creative potential. Suddenly, the lessons of the last 10-years seemed to directly relate to everything Jennifer had planned to do. So began their work, and he toured as a means to supplement their lives.

After a year of touring, exploring the U.S., and the strangers that occupy it, he returned home only to finally let go of a lifestyle and career that seemed to be taking a toll on his professional, creative, and personal life. Since then, he has been working hard and collaborating with Jennifer on everything E+A related, assuming his role as content manager.

His journey through music and the “business”, gave him lessons and forged relationships that have allowed him to become the person he is today. He realized the hardest part was letting go, and as soon as it happened, everything fell into place.

Connect with Billy on Twitter: @the_sky_decides


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