Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: V – The Hierophant

Alphabet: V, Vav in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 6

Astrological Nature: Taurus


The call to answer should be dialed by your ability to be the balanced medium. The medium is the balance between soul and ego.

The Hierophant is following the ballad of your soul, only. Allowing only the soul as the driver can also be a cautious tale. Operating with the soul as the only force of choice on this plane is the bad decision to make, because this plane of reality exists in the dualistic nature, the yin and the yang. There is not yet the onementality, so you must protect yourself from being only one when the “two” is the ballad here.

One may seem to be the “loneliest” number, but it is the number that is the ultimate in time, however…learning to make decisions first from your soul, and second from your ego is the lesson here. The Hierophant often laments of being disappointed by the egotistical nature of people, but in times of disappointment, it is important to remember that all are merely just lessons to serve how not to be. Shedding your “skin” of the thinking pattern of trying to change people is the lesson of the snake as The Hierophant.

The snake slithers, sauntering in a motion of the ballad of the thread of connectedness, and the movement of the snake is driven by its senses. The snake senses first with its tongue, and second with its feeling. The tongue is the allowing of the right words to come first, then the right action to follow. The movement to take is to be able to protect yourself with venom, but not to use it unless your life is in danger. The venom is the words you use, and the lamenting of not understanding why people are how they are is The Fool’s path. People are who they are, because this is their own soul’s journey…not yours.

The ballad of The Hierophant, wants to fix everything, but there is nothing to fix. All is in perfect harmony and all will live their karma, and dharma as well. Be like the snake, aware and moving fluidly with your senses, but do not let others take advantage of your kindness. If they do, know how to protect yourself and not to let their karma become yours.

This is the lesson to learn, and this is the lesson to live and let live. Do not interfere, only guide. Do not try being the person to change anyone, only allow the change to happen through guidance, not through telling. You must be aware of who to guide, and who not to guide, because the lessons you provide can be taken into the wrong hands. The lessons you must provide are only to be those who have shown their worth and have been initiated into your Soul’s Key of the ballad of The Hierophant.

The key here is that being able to be guided by your soul is important, but do not let it take you down to the karmic level of those who are unaware of their ego. You can be the agent of change, but do not try to changeanyone, just be.

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