Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: IV – The Emperor

Alphabet: H, Hey

Numerical Value: 5

Astrological Nature: Aries

As channeled by JOB:


The best garment to wear is your soul.

The Emperor is the allocated man to be the leader that is the ballad of the allowing of the ego to be the allocated decision maker.  The allowing ego to be the ruler is the lesson to be aware of here. The Emperor is the man who does not listen to being told what to do and is the acting on being the always right, no matter what has failed before.

Stopping the listening to his soul is the plight of The Emperor; he allowed the ego to be the leader, which lead him to selfish choices. The choices he makes are the choices rooted in the root chakra. He is the ballad of the allowing the all to be in the lamenting of not having enough and always needing more even when he has everything he hoped for, he still wants it all to be his.

This is the lesson in the tale of The Emperor’s new clothes. The Emperor had everything, but needed to always be ahead of everyone else no matter what. He had so much, that he always thought he allowed the ballad of his song to be the best of the best. Yet, when he was to be made into new clothes, the lesson was that less is more, and you are always wearing your soul, not the clothing. You are the soul and the clothes are the companions, not the compliment to your soul. Being aware of what you wear is the ballad to sing, and the lesson is not whatyou are wearing…it is how you are wearing your soul to be seen by others. Are you being selfish, or are you being selfless? Are you being naked in your true self, or are you covering your truth in garments made of the finest fabric but the worst made beliefs?

The ability to be who you are in the finest clothes, or nothing at all is the lesson to learn from The Emperor’s awareness of himself. He hid behind things, but did not think about his thinking, only masked it in material. He was the allowing of the ego to be the made decision maker, and did not stop to question the decisions. This is the lesson to learn you must think twice always, first in your soul, second in your ego.  If they disagree, ask the trickster (see: II – The High Priestess) to help make your choice. If your balloon is popped, then you know the choice you made is the best decision. Staying grounded is the key but being aware of your potential is the door to follow and open.

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