The Cure to Cancer is on the Horizon (via: Vice Special Reports)

Shane Smith, co-founder and CEO of Vice, recently did a special report entitled “Killing Cancer“. This incredible segment shows some of the remarkable new treatments being discovered for cancer, which are leading to complete remissions, and stopping the disease dead in its tracks.

Connecting with doctors that are exploring the edge of medicine by using HIV, measles, and genetically-engineered cold viruses to wipe out cancer cells without the devastating side-effects from chemo, as well as sharing stories of survivors like Emily Whitehead, a young girl completely cured of cancer using T-Cell therapy. This news segment both enlightens, inspires, and emotionally tugs at your heart-strings.

Shane Smith was so impressed by the pioneering research at the Mayo Clinic that he has offered a $500,000 matching gift to cancer research for all who donate (see here: Mayo Clinic Philanthropy).

Although these techniques are still experimental, there has been an over 90% success rate.  The very notion that a complete cure for cancer could be on the horizon in our lifetime is cause for celebration.

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