Love to Thrive? Nick Seneca-Jankel Will Help You ‘Switch On’ and Get ‘Ripe and Ready’!

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Nick Seneca-Jankel for our latest episode of Liberation Frequency. Nick is a 21st century shaman that has helped over 50,000 individuals, hundreds of world-class organizations, a number of national governments and millions of TV viewers across the globe “Switch On” so they can break through real challenges and thrive. With a triple 1st class degree from Cambridge University in medicine and philosophy, and a successful career in advertising and tech entrepreneurship behind him, he is devoted to making “switching on” the most exciting, rewarding and important thing any person, organization and SOCIETY can do.

His book, “Switch On“, presents a compelling science-driven/wisdom-inspired answer to the most pressing question of the age: How do we as individuals, and our world as a whole, thrive? The book is based on 20-years of research and experience at the forefront of personal, social and corporate change. The result? Breakthrough Biodynamics! A groundbreaking fusion of the latest neuroscience, evolution, ancient traditions, practical philosophy and powerful tools for making transformation happen.
Breakthrough Biodynamics will help you to:

  • Never be stuck or stressed again by using the 10-step Breakthrough Curve
  • Bring more freedom, consciousness, mindfulness into everyday life
  • Identify, and let go, of the habits and beliefs that are holding you back
  • Find peace by healing past pain and suffering
  • Discover your purpose and, with it, what to do with your life
  • Hone your intuition and use it to make great choices
  • Learn from the greatest leaders how to ensure your ideas become real
  • Turn inspiration into action and make a difference to your world

Nick is also the co-founder of Ripe & Ready, which is a global wisdom, well-being and world-change community-company with a mission to create enlightening, empowering, and enabling media. Ripe & Ready provides an immersive experience that ensures the digital generation (and our world) continues to thrive.

Nick’s interview will be live on our site, and our YouTube channel this Thursday, 3/5. We are excited to share this illuminating conversation, with this brilliant/beautiful mind!

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