Saul Williams: “The Heart is the Philosopher’s Stone”

“We claim the present as the pre-sent, as the hereafter
We are unraveling our navels so that we may ingest the sun
We are not afraid of the darkness, we trust that the moon shall guide us
We are determining the future at this very moment
We now know that the heart is the philosophers’ stone
Our music is our alchemy” – Saul Williams, Coded Language

Saul Williams’ has a way of connecting dots, and expressing his own cultural identity by ascending the stereotypes and individualizing himself.

Finding brilliant ways to shine light on the faults of the hip hop community, while introducing concepts that inspire you to think about the weight of words…he is one of the most profound writers of our time, yet is an unsung hero as he is not known to the masses. His personal awareness of himself and his culture grounds his message by weaving the words from his heart and into his skin.

This warrior of light does his part in trying to help wake up a generation that define themselves through hip hop, and labels that are constructed through culture and society. The only true label is love, and dissolving the illusion of separateness will allow us to reunite with the truth of our humanity. With Williams’ lyrical alchemy, we can only hope his words inspire you to find your truth…and live the love of oneness.


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