Spirit Animal Explorations: The Rooster

As channeled by JOB:

The rooster is the animal that rises with the sun to greet the sun with a song that sings the enthusiasm he has for being alive. The rooster walks with pride, but is not too proud, in that, his posture is the stance of confidence not conceit.

The rooster is a bird that can not fully fly, but is happy none the less. Human beings are like birds in the sense that they cannot fly on this plane, but if you use your imagination, you can fly always in your dreams and in your mind.

The call of the rooster as the spirit animal to be aware of this week, is to remember being proud of who you are, and knowing that you can fly in your mind if you allow. The lesson in rising with the sun that the rooster follows, is that the sun is the alarm to awaken your soul and to sing with joy each morning when you rise, because life is a song worth singing about.

The rooster is confident and is allowing of his walk to be in the tempo of his own rhythm. The ideal for you to follow is to always remain confident in who you are, because you are the call of the child of God and God is the all that is.

Allow yourself to experience the “all” by allowing, and the life you will allow will be a beautiful song.

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