The major arcana in tarot consists of 22 cards that explore the journey of the fool on his way to discovering the way of the world…with the minor arcana acting as the 56 accompanying cards that add further dimension/depth to the voyage.

For the next 78 weeks, every Wednesday, we will explore the symbolism behind each card, and how you can apply the lesson to further understanding yourself and the world around you. Part of the reasoning behind this exploration, is that within the year we plan on creating several different tarot and oracle decks, and we would love to give our audience some keys to understanding this mysterious tool of “divination”.

Elaborating on the interpretation, alchemy, numerical value, and mysticism behind each card…our approach will offer an in-depth analysis of each card which we hope you will appreciate, integrate, and explore through your own experience.


Alphabet: A, Aleph in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 1

Astrological Nature: Air (Spirit)

Interpretation: The Fool card represents the allegory of the beginning of life, entering the world with nothing more than your questions to guide you. The label you take is the label you make, in that, the beginning of the journey starts with a blank slate. The Fool is the lone wanderer, completely naive to the ways of the world.

A daydreamer, he lives in his fantasy, unaware of the harsh reality that exists. The artistic “alchemy” of the card shows The Fool carrying a “knapsack” in his right hand and a white flower in his left, as he walks towards a cliff. He is completely caught up in his own mind, and unaware that if he continues this way, he will fall off the cliff and meet his maker.

The flower represents purity, the knapsack represents his questions, and the dog symbolizes the wild unknown. The alchemical synthesis of all of these symbols corresponds to the notion of how you enter the world, and also how you should not exit. The Fool represents the importance of the awareness of your surroundings so you can be fluid like the waters of life and adapt to all circumstances you may encounter. The young mind can be made jaded by life’s trials, but the mature mind can be the strong voyager aware of all obstacles and ready to adapt.

"This, then, is the ultimate paradox of thought: to want to discover something that thought itself cannot think."- Soren Kierkegaard

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