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Sun Language School: Lesson 1 – Genesis and the Beginning of ‘The Beginning’

Sun Language School:

Lesson 1, Genesis and the Beginning of the Beginning:

The book of Genesis will be discussed in parts as these transmissions will attempt to allow you to decode the daily “bread crumbs” we will do our best to leave, in order for you to find your way “home”. The Book of Genesis is the beginning of the beginning, of the universe’s experiment in creation of the physical manifestations of its infinite intelligence.

A lesson we will continue to stress is that all language used in The Bible is poetic, and not to be taken literally. All is a ballad of the song of God. God is not male, or female. God is the all.

You lament on the ideal that God is not separate from you, but the question should be why would God be separate from you if you are a child of this God? And…shouldn’t you also be a part of the God that you claim to be your heavenly father?

The call of the beginning words of Genesis is the allegory of the Big Bang idea, into prose. The “word”, or LOGOS, or primordial OM, as some mystics refer to it as, is the sound frequency of creation that was allowed into the universe when the universe wanted to come into form. The call of the duality of Earth and the heavens is the call of the space between worlds that houses the infinite nature of creation between all levels.

The call of the waters of life to be formed was to call upon the fluid, to represent an embodiment of the universe’s purest form. The universe can choose to be liquid, or it can choose to be solid. It can choose to be condensed, or it can choose to boil only. The call of the water of life was to be the elemental supreme form of God-ness as the poetic physical manifestation of God.

The call of the land was to represent the elemental nature of the universe as earth. Allowing the waters to flow through the earth, and the earth to be fed by the waters of life. The earth is the call of the element of the universe, as the bed of creativity being the elemental nature of earth. The universe expresses itself in this form to provide a plane of grounding for all of “his” creations. The allowing of earth and water to work together is the call of the alchemical ideal of the water representing your form, and the earth representing your ground to be the form you choose.

The element of fire is the element of the universe in the form of its stars. The fire of life is the element that can create or destroy, but can only be tamed by water. The fire of life is the representation of the fire of creation, because creativity can either create an idea that calls for more creation, or it can destroy an idea and creation must start anew. The idea of fire as the alchemical element is that the fire of the universe’s energy can create or destroy on earth, but the waters of life will always allow the birth of a new creation in time. You are allowed to create as the fire of the universe if you are aware of the proper creative intentions you carry. Are you creating to inspire creation? Or…are you creating to destroy the dreams of others? The choice is always yours, but the choice is to be guided by your soul, not your ego.

The element of air is the call of the breath of God into your lungs. This is the tie to your God-ness on earth and this is the “food of the gods”. Breath is the life force that can fan the fire of creation and make it consume, or contain. The air cannot be used in your lungs under water because it is the air of the call to be the creative fan, and the waters do not need fanning. The call of air is to be the breath that is in harmony and balance with the god-ness of your body. The breath is your animating factor, as if you were to no longer breathe, you would no longer be alive. This is the call of the practice of Yoga, as the reminder to acknowledge your breath as something sacred because it is the allowing element of your soul to be alive in this form of the human body.

The elemental nature of the ether is the element of the souls allowed to take form on this physical plane. The soul is the fragment of the hologram of the universe that is here to work out its issues, and “trouble shoot”, for lack of a better term. The souls of earth are not separate from the souls in the universe, and all are part of the holographic nature of this one being of intelligence.  The universe’s frequency is the call of the sound of the all into a vibration of love and allowing. There is not a Heaven, nor is there a Hell…there is only the source of creation and the many planes of reality that the universe allowed to create, because of the need for expression on an infinite level.

Your journey here on Earth is to be the soul’s key to complete before going to a higher plane of thought and vibration, and eventually you are to become formless with an ability to take form if you choose. But, the ideal is to be the allowed creator like you are now, but on a higher vibrational level.

This is the lesson we will impart to you this week to ponder until next Sunday. The call to answer is to question why the Bible would be a literal text, and why the notion of God not being separate from you is a hard pill to swallow? Think about your answers and why they are your answers and we will resume the Language of the Sun next Sunday.

With love always in our hearts.


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