Spirit Animal Explorations: The Otter

As channeled by JOB:

The otter is the call of the animal that always knows how to stay afloat. The otter is able to use his body to allow the ability to be the swimmer, but also the floating island as well. He is able to walk when necessary, but always prefers the water to the land. This is because he enjoys to float through life, instead of being a wandering man in unknown lands. The otter enjoys his family and always keeps them close. He calls their hands near to him, so he can keep them close as he sleeps.

Wading the waters of life can wait a while before the answers are apparent, but the call is to be the otter; in that it is important to float and not get too caught up in the ballad of the world gone awry. The call he answers is to be the family man who loves to play the lone ranger who allows the tides to guide him, and the coasting voyager who bets only on what he knows and does not bet on the unknown path. The call of the otter also sings the song of the island who can hold hands with his loved ones to become a continent. Allow love to be your land locked call, and to feel appreciation for those who hold you together. The ballad you should sing is to love the ones you are with, and to always know that no man is an island, unless he chooses to be.

Right now you may wonder how this applies to your life. The answer is simple. The ballad you should sing is to view the otter as a mirror to your spirit, and allow his call to be the similar one to answer. Zone in to your heart, and if it is beating in tune with your truth, you will understand. If not, breathe into the heart, and ask it why there is a blockage, and allow it to be released. The call of this time of your life is to allow only what feels best and to discard what does not. If this ballad of poetic spiritual teaching does not resonate, that is OK. If it does, that is OK, too. Call upon your intuition to be your own guide, and allow the inspiration you feel is best to feed your soul.

The spirits of the familiar realm of animals are not separate from you. They are a part of this connected universe and are here to be teachers if you allow them to be. The call is always allowing, and if you allow this, you will receive a great lesson.

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